Do you have the desire to flutter your long dark eyelashes in your upcoming model shoot? Do you want to astonish your makeup artist with your new look? Do you want to cut down the extra time taken by you whilst doing the makeup? Do you want to glorify your images with the new look of your eyes? Do you want to highlight your facial features? Do you want your camera to capture your real beauty? Do you want to look confident every time when you gaze in mirror or camera or in the eyes of your spectators? Do you want to wear all time long lashes over your eyelids? Then be ready for the changes as we have come up with the medicine Careprost Eye Drops which when you apply over the contour of your eyelashes it will give you long, lavishing, dark and denser eyelashes.

Many cultures regard long eyelashes as the sign of beauty and feminism so it’s not just a modern-day trend but has been the sign of beauty from the past days of Christ’s era but the difference is that in past times women used to put lead sulfide on the eyelashes and in this era the modern age women puts liner, mascara, fake eyelashes or extensions over the natural eyelashes to give them a look that is divine to see. People nowadays are going for the hair transplant in their eyelashes to make them grow denser and long but this puts a lot of burden over your pocket whereas using an eye drop Careprost will not cost you much instead will make you wear the long, dark and lavishing eyelashes naturally.

Careprost Eye drop is not from any new medicine league but it’s a legitimate product being used from many years for growing the eyelashes naturally thick which this medicine does by stimulating the dermal papilla, increase their length by elongating the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle and turns the eyelashes dark by promoting the synthesis of melanin pigment.

You can use Careprost eye drop consisting active ingredient Bimatoprost daily for 12 to 16 weeks in nighttime after washing the face properly with a mild soap or cleaning the makeup with a cleanser. Apply this eye drop over your eyelid contour moving from inner corner to extending to outer corner. Wipe the excess solution with use of a clean tissue so that unwanted hair growth might not occur.

Few malicious effects person might develop on the application of Careprost Eye drop are dry, pink and red eyes, swelling under eyelids, stinging, mild burning, warmth and watering from eyes.

Advisory tips for the patient using Careprost Eye drop are given here:

  • Always wash your face with mild face wash only then apply the medication else contamination to a solution might occur
  • Abide the use of medicine in case you have undergone eye injury, wound or stitch
  • Remove the contact lens out of your eye prior using the eye drops

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Eyes, no doubt are the most important and beautiful part of the body. They serve as the soul of windows without any reason. If you are going to a bar or seeking out for a date or even video calling on your favorite dating app, there are some specific features that we look for a person. The sweeter the features are the gorgeous look you look. In girls, men want good smile, hairs, flat stomach, the curves, and most importantly “eyes”. Many types of research have cleared that men find eyes as a most attractive feature in women; they agree to the term that eyes are the biggest determining factor in terms of physical attractiveness.

It was said that eyes are the most important facial feature. Whether you were looking the right partner to date, you seriously want to get a compliment from him or you just want to feel that you are the most beautiful woman. However, you can always have the option to whiten your smile, getting a haircut or do some extra crunches for a flat tummy or can wear a complimentary bra but if you want to make your eyes your beautiful you choose some artificial methods of making eyelashes beautiful. This is not a right way; you need to choose a way that gives you natural eyelashes for a lifelong time.

The right way of getting gorgeous eyelashes is Careprost eye drops. Forget the cheap, and false, itchy, expensive, annoying and funky lashes but get beautiful, denser, darker eyelashes with Careprost eye drops. If you want to get lashes like a Barbie doll then you must try this ophthalmic preparation as after using it your eyes becomes center of attraction all over the face. This medicinal preparation treats the hypotrichosis condition that refers to the insufficiency of eyelashes. The other medicinal use of this ophthalmic preparation is to lower the pressure inside the eye namely intraocular pressure (IOP) for treating glaucoma. In this way, it saves you from the damage to the optic nerve fibers that may result in the gradual loss of eyesight, in turn, prevents blindness.

Careprost eye drops are the name given to generic medicine namely Bimatoprost that is a synthetic analog of naturally making prostamide. It is a prostaglandin-like compound that reduces the pressure inside the eye.  This generic compound gets attached to the same receptor in the eye as prostamide and enhances the outflow of aqueous humor by minimizing the tomographic resistance to outflow of aqueous humor. In turn, the flow of fluid into and out of the eye gets balanced that balances the pressure inside and outside the eye. In this way, it decreases the chances of damage to optic nerve and eyesight loss that may happen if glaucoma remained untreated.  For treating hypotrichosis, it enhances the active hair growth to make eyelashes that are fuller, longer and darker.

Careprost eye drops are made up of 0.03% w/v of Bimatoprost. It is very easy to apply, take a sterile applicator and add up one drop of Careprost over it. Then swipe the solution across the upper eyelash line of each eye from the inner end to outer wards. You need to use this ophthalmic preparation once daily before sleeping to get beautiful eyelashes. In 8 weeks, you will notice few results but to see the complete results you need to wait for 16 weeks.  For treating glaucoma, instill one drop of this medicine in the affected eye.

Possibly you may face common side effects of Careprost eye drops like dizziness, pigmentation of the iris, conjunctival edema, dry eyes, irritation, imprecise vision, and conjunctivitis.


  • If you are sensitive to Bimatoprost then you can not use Careprost eye drops.
  • Your vision may turn blur after using Careprost eye drops so you are advised to avoid such works that demand clear vision.


Regularly Use Careprost Eye Drops To Gain Back Fallen Eyelashes

The Eyelashes add natural beauty to your overall look. The healthy eyelashes add naturally to your overall expression and physical beauty. Woman desire to have longer and darker eyelashes as it enhances their overall artistic expression. The healthy eyelashes are a symbol of good health. The eyelashes grow naturally when your body is supplied with enough minerals and vitamins. Consequently, you must take care of eyelashes just like other body parts. If by any reason you are facing loss of eye lashes then Careprost can help you recover the lost Eyelashes. It is astounding eyelash growth serum that helps you return your eyelashes to normal. It is an highly advance preparation of generic Bimatoprost (active ingredient) that is useful in following ways –

  • Longer and Healthier eyelash growth serum
  • Gain Full length and thickness of eyelashes
  • Stop the falling eyelashes
  • New growth of eyelash hairs
  • 100% results in 12 to 14 weeks of regular use
  • Safe and side effects free eye potion

The Generic Bimatoprost is an efficient remedy for hypotrichiosis and glaucoma treatment (increased pressure on the eyeball). It works wonderfully to improve the growth of the hazier eyelashes. The formula FDA approved to prove its authenticity. It is nontoxic and risk free preparation for general application around the eyes.

Role of Careprost for the treatment of hypotrichiosis treatment The standard Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin product that helps to grow back your fallen eyelashes. It even makes them to grow back by prolonging the Anagen phase and decreasing the telogen phase of hair growth cycle. It give you best results with 12 to 14 weeks of regular usage.

Role of Careprost for the treatment of glaucoma treatment The Careprost eye drops supports in lessening the intra-ocular stress on the eyeball. With its regular usage it does not allow the eyeball to get smashed.

Method of application for the Careprost

The Careprost is simple to apply medication. To apply Careprost you  must first wash your eyes with clean water and remove all the kind of makeup that is present. Now after this, take a drop of Careprost on an sterile applicator and start its application like a this line from the left border of the eyelid to the right border. It is not mandatory to apply on the lower eye lid too as it will be self-applied.

Possible signs of Side effects shown by Careprost

Use Careprost ophthalmic solution cautiously avoiding side effects. Some of the loathsome effects that can befall comprise misconception, burning sensation, extreme white discharge from eyes, conjunctival hyperaemia, increased sensitivity to light, drowsiness, irritation, cold or respiratory complications.

Useful tips for the right use of Careprost Eye Drops

  1. Make sure to remove contact lenses and eye makeup before application.
  2. If you are nursing and pregnant then avoid using Careprost.
  3. Only use disinfected applicator to use.
  4. Avoid using Careprost if you are hypersensitive to standard Bimatoprost.

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Double Your Dramatic Volume Of Eyelashes With Help Of Careprost Eye Drops

Mostly it is the dream of every girl to have eyelashes that have dense volume and longer in length. However, there are a number of other alternatives to get temporary eyelashes but still, they had a wish to add the denser eyelashes into their permanent attire. They need an ideal answer for expanding their eye magnificence. You as well as everybody have an interest in their eyes. To make your eyes excellent, advance your eyelashes more grounded and denser with CAREPROST EYE DROPS. This is a definitive answer for making your eye wonderful. Simply take after its correct dose and do not quit utilizing as a part of between. Subsequent to utilizing those eye drops, you will accomplish profound dark and long lashes that will make you simple to give your cherished one fall access love with you. Keep in mind eyes are the best approach to heart so do not overlook its beautification, keep Careprost with you.

Careprost eye drops are the mystical arrangement that treats the issue of hypotrichosis. Hypotrichosis is the state of diminishing of eyelashes. Careprost eye drops help in the densification of your eyelashes and gets these longer and thicker, improving the excellence of your eyelashes and influencing your eyes to look much more appealing. Careprost eye drops additionally treat the inconveniences of open point glaucoma in grown-ups by decreasing the intraocular weight.

Method of activity of Generic Bimatoprost Careprost eye drops:

Careprost eye drops are composed of Bimatoprost as their fundamental dynamic constituent that helps in getting denser eyelashes. Bimatoprost works in hypotrichosis by influencing the eyelash development cycle. Bimatoprost improves the telogen stage, though diminishing the anagen stage, accordingly stretching and densifying your eyelashes. Bimatoprost in open point glaucoma acts by diminishing the intraocular weight by expanding the seepage of watery amusingness.

Contraindications of Careprost eye drops:

  • Try not to utilize Careprost eye drops on the off chance that you have had any unfavorably susceptible responses towards Bimatoprost beforehand.
  • Try not to utilize Careprost eye drops if there should arise an occurrence of thin edge glaucoma or other eye infirmities.
  • In the event that you have had any eye surgery or eye damage in the past then don’t utilize Careprost eye drops

Preventive measures of Careprost eye drops:

  • To drive or perform outwardly cautioning errands is ill-advised while utilizing Careprost eye drops.
  • Evacuate the contact focal points previously utilizing Careprost eye drops. Sit tight for no less than 15 minutes before wearing contact focal points after the utilization of Careprost eye drops.
  • Try not to utilize some other ophthalmic item correspondingly with Careprost eye drops.
  • A man beneath 18 years old ought not to utilize Careprost eye drops.

The ordinarily happening harmful impact seen with the utilization of Careprost eye drops are tingling in the eye, consuming and stinging sensation in the eye, redness of the eye, extreme watering of eyes, the murkiness of the vision and feeling of having something in your eyes.

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Eyes are the window to the soul unfortunately many are looking old and tired. Eyelashes are one of the important parts yet most dominant features of a face. They help you in making your face more attractive and beautiful. As the age increase, the number of eyelashes decreases get shorter and thinner that may lessen your attractiveness in the face.  Moreover, instead of beauty and other eyelashes also plays a significant role in protecting eyes from dust tiny and big insects etc. however, if you are a woman with inappropriate eyelashes then use a medication called Careprost will help you. Careprost is a well-known medication employed to obtain thicker, longer and darker eyelashes in 16 weeks.  Thicker, longer lashes appear will help you to become more youthful and actually can detract from the signs of aging around the eyes.

Careprost eye drops are made up of generic Bimatoprost as the main active ingredient up on regular use it promotes thickness and length of eyelashes. This medication shows action by acting on anagen phase as it enhances the number of hairs in a growth phase and length of an eyelash. if the medication is used for almost 4 weeks then you will observer some growth and for complete and better result use it for about 16 weeks.

The method of administration of Careprost eye drops:

Before using the medication, an individual should wash the hand and face with water to remove the contamination. In the pack of eye drops the fine brush is provided instill few drops on the brush then apply the medication on your base of upper eyelashes on both the eyes. You have to keep your eyes close for one to two minutes so that solution is properly mixed to lower eyelashes. Wipe the remaining medication with tissue paper, it is normally advised to use the medication once per day and prefers to use the medication before you go to sleep. Use the medication on regular basis as per the recommendation of the doctor and always try to use sterile applicator.

Possible side effects: While using the medication some unwanted effects may likely to occur such as redness, itching of eye, eye discharge, dryness, mild burning of the eye, vision changes, feeling of something in the eye, sensitivity to light, or darkening of eyelid skin.

Preventive measures while using Careprost eye drops:

  • You should maintain the gap of almost five min between the two eye drops and do not use the medication if you are allergic to any constituent in the eye drop.
  • Before using the medication you should remove the contact lenses and spectacles if you wore them and you can reuse them back after 15 min of Bimatoprost application.
  • prevent touching the tip of applicator and bottle, as it can cause contamination of the solution. Inform your doctor if you had previous an eye surgery or eye inflammation any eye disorder.

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